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Pretty Charts don't come from Ugly data

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

So... you are a State or Federal Agency, or worse still a Central Agency like the Budget or Comptroller's Office. Your Executive has just come from a business background. And they begin demanding monthly or quarterly reports, of budget versus actuals, performance against key outcomes, and tracking of the current financial situation within your agency.

Within a corporate organization - this is easy. You likely have a single ERP, you have purchases out and purchases in, and the balance by department tells the story. With Government it is so much harder. You have different fund sources to worry about. Spend too much against a Special Fund and an Agency will begin to dig into the State's General Funds; spend too little of a Federal Fund and it may revert. Just tracking that money was spent and out of what bucket isn't enough.

The problem is compounded by the data sources. The ERP may actually be five different systems; two of which are archaic mainframes. The budget system may have just been implemented.

In this situation, putting a fancy dashboarding solution on top is unlikely to ever net the results anybody expects. The data needs to be correct first. And in order to correct the data, you need to find a way to match the data.

Enter Hamilton Core. Drop us a note and find out what we might be able to do, or more importantly - what the Core can do for you - to get things unblocked.

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