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Hamilton offers a wide variety of pricing which varies based on the individual requirements of your company. The pricing is calculated by using a combination of the amount of user access required, the amount of CPU, and the desired amount of storage on a monthly basis.


You can use the pricing calculator below to calculate a cost estimate and compare pricing by using the sliding tools to change each of the three factors in order to fit your organization's needs.

The best thing? You get all the functionality in the Hamilton Core suite for the same cost. So regardless of whether you are more interested in data integration, financial reporting or any other business process we help with - you can sign up to the same package now and get anything else we add in the future.


Estimate your budget for Hamilton

Use the calculator here to see the total annual pricing based on the combination of users, processors and storage.

Note: All prices are in US Dollars, and subscriptions are payable monthly (annual pre-pay discounts are available).


The user count is based on how many different users will access the Hamilton Core, either as a project administrator or as a mapping / translation user.


Within Hamilton Core, you can select how many discrete processes you want to run at once. The bigger and more complex your data, the longer it will take to process. Adding more processors increases that processing speed.


No data is retained in the Hamilton Core past the time required to process it; however if you are doing large data loads, you may need a decent amount of temporary storage to handle those loads.

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