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Financial Publications

Support for production of Budget Books and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

Automate and track the key activities in the production of your mission critical publications

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Do you currently have these issues?

We have worked with Federal, State and Local Governments across the Globe to prepare their Budget Books and other Financial Publications. We understand the complications. Not only do you need to access and reconcile data, from sometimes incompatible sources, but also you have to meet the demanding regulatory requirements of your Legislature and ensure that everything lines up as expected.

In all likelihood, this involves large sections of your team spending significant amounts of time, noses buried in spreadsheets, copying and pasting to and from Excel and Word documents, updating source systems and reproducing PDFs, and then passing documents around (digitally or physically) to other members within your office for review, feedback and approval. 

These tasks are difficult, time consuming and error prone. We’ve been there and understand why every step is important.

Now let's modernize it

Hamilton Core can completely transform your production process. Our technology can extract budget data from many systems, create the charts and tables automatically and incorporate them into templates.  Then using your preferred publishing tool, for example, Microsoft Word, you can craft the narrative text for each insert and quickly produce insightful documents.

These templates can be distributed to your team members and others, electronically, and then once deliverables are produced, they can follow a workflow for approval.

The entire process can be monitored via our innovative and easy to understand dashboards, so you can see how the production-review-approval process is progressing.


Save time, get more done and have time for vacation


In many U.S. States, as well as in other jurisdictions, Budget Books and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports are often due, and can inconveniently collide with, the end-of-year vacation season.  Rats! 

Of course, we can't ask the Governors to reschedule their "State of the State" addresses, and ensuring that the Publications are produced in time and pixel perfect is a high priority task and it can’t wait.

At Hamilton Core, we consider our implementations are a success when we can marry the two. A quality Financial Publication, delivered on time, so your team is able to take time off over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year - even if only for a few well-earned days.



Sits over the top of your budget publication process. Leveraging the integrated, coherent data collection which has been assembled by the Hamilton Core Data Integration engine, and using a smart workflow and document publication suite.

Using the innovative and high performing technology embedded within Hamilton Core, You can automate the entire end-to-end production process of your Budget Books or other Financial Reports. Integrate data into templates (using tools you are used to, like Word) and distribute the workflow of template content production, review and approval among the team members who are the best to manage it. Then, collate the final product and prepare for print.

Take a look at our video overview below for an explanation of how the process works; and then reach out if you'd like more information.

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