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Release 2020.08.17

Hamilton Core

17TH AUGUST 2020

Release 08/17 is live! The latest release of Hamilton Core includes dynamic app links and email notifications for Windows, as well as a host of other usability enhancements.

New Features

Feature 21

New, updated loading screen with cancellation option (when supported) to allow users to cancel out of long running operations

Feature 22

Business Rule Matching screen now loads rules in the background, allowing users to begin work on matching operations faster, and preventing the application hanging during load operations.

Feature 23

New Application Support has been added to the Windows application to allow users to click through from new sign ups and package business rule notification emails to load the relevant screens automatically.

Feature 24            

A splash screen has now been added to show during the startup time when the application is checking for updates so users know that the application is doing something, rather than just having an empty screen.


Fix 11

Within the Android application, the generic "back" button now instead is replaced with a logout button, which prompts you to confirm before logging you out.

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