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Release 2020.08.31

Hamilton Core

31ST AUGUST 2020

Release 08/31 is live! This latest release of Hamilton Core includes a new JSON REST API data provider, a new dashboard feature in the Andriod app, and a host of other usability enhancements.

New Features

Feature 13

Introduced a new dashboard feature in the Andriod App to provide visualization of package data with asynchronous data load capability.

Feature 14

Introduced a new data provider! The Generic JSON REST API query provider allows you to write queries against JSON based REST web apis with no coding, and automatically decipher the results.

Feature 27

Added new functionality to store the last date that an input was loaded from or an output was loaded to - and use those variables in data queries to provide an incremental load facility.


Fix 7

Completed usability enhancements with the package designer to try and ensure that locations and sizing of steps are maintained upon save.

Fix 28

Corrected issue where users could cancel loading of dashboards too quickly, and the "refresh" item would be hidden.

Fix 29

Reduced likelihood of application faults when users are loading a screen and attempt to load a second screen.

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