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Release 2021.02.03

Hamilton Core


Release 02/03 is live! Today's release provides a new product installation option and number of fixes to streamline the user experience

New Features

Feature 48

Hamilton Core Operative Service separated from Windows Client to facilitate discrete Windows Server installations


Fix 58

Corrected the issue where Document Status reports "0" when a new publication is created.  It now displays the status name

Fix 63

The Grouping feature within the "Security Tokens" was found to be superfluous and therefore removed

Fix 65

Added a "Return to prior screen" UI function to ease navigation when editing groups, content servers, etc...

Fix 66

To prevent confusion and improve the user experience, when no object is selected for edit, the editing regions of forms are now disabled

Fix 68

Within the Edit Groups maintenance screen, the Group Sort Code is now required to be unique to enable correct sorting function

Fix 69

The Edit Groups screen has been  modified to sort base on the provided sort order code

Fix 70

The locking component errors which occurred in different documents, groups, content servers, etc. are now resolved

Fix 71

Generic JSON Web API calls debugged to correctly retrieve data when using GET methods

Fix 72

To improve user review, the data preview grid columns now expand to the right based on header title width rather than auto-compress into the screen

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