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Release 2021.02.18

Hamilton Core


Release 02/18 is live! Our latest release provides input/output data preview enhancements and also provides a round of fixes for data fetch and display

New Features

Feature 80

Users may now chose to view ingested data input as RAW data from the source (untouched) or as mapped data with calculations and logic applied

Feature 81

When the user requests a new data preview from the Hamilton Server the Windows client will now automatically update and refresh as soon as the data is available

Feature 82

When requesting data previews it was confusing as to whether a user was asking for an existing cached data preview or a new data preview retrieved real-time from the source location. This has been separated into two separate buttons to improve operational clarity


Fix 74

Fixed the Web API JSON feed to gracefully handle the data scenario when a duplicate JSON property name is returned in the feed

Fix 75

When updating items within grids and clicking save the selection is now maintained after save is complete

Fix 77

Removed the trailing semi-colon that would sometimes appear at the end of column heading mappings in the Web API

Fix 78

Data Input Commands now have a maximum length of 6,000 characters (up from 2,000)

Fix 79

In certain test conditions the column attribute would not return from the web JSON API if the JSON attribute data value was not found.  Now when this scenario is encountered the process will return the expected column attribute with a blank data value

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