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Release 2020.12.15

Hamilton Core


Release 12/15 is live! Our mid-December release is focused on speed with over a dozen enhancements to improve application performance!

New Features

Feature 41

Updated Login Devices to load asynchronously for better start-up performance

Feature 42

Updated User Detail Page within Mobile application for better start-up performance

Feature 43

Added asynchronous loading to general settings page within android application

Feature 44            

Updated subscription page to use asynchronous loading for Android application

Feature 45            

Added better wait management to the reset password/PIN screen

Feature 46            

Updated Generate New Password screen to use asynchronous loading operations

Feature 47            

Updated login methods to use asynchronous loading methods

Feature 49            

Provided better Login screen wait performance

Feature 50            

Updates the Password reset screen to better support wait handling

Feature 51           

Updated the PIN Reset function as not to block the application

Feature 52            

Updated the "Saving" of General Settings to make it function better under slow bandwidth

Feature 53            

Enhanced subscription management functionality

Feature 54            

Improved performance of User Management Screen

Feature 55            

Improved performance of subscription management


Fix 32

Corrected screen resolution issues when resizing screens on tablet devices

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